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Post-Production Test Screenings

Organised in association with production companies, distributors and other related agencies, Post-Production Test Screenings are held to glean feedback for use in the final edit.

Two scales of recruited post-production screenings are offered: Intimate Screenings or Full Scale Test Screenings.

For an Intimate Screening, around 100 individuals are recruited and the film is shown either at a post facility, small preview theatre, or at one of the small screens in a multiplex cinema. Screenings of this scale are usually requested by production companies looking to lock a film and are tailored to meet their specific needs. Our objectivity, and experience of working with films at this fragile stage of their development, means we are well placed to work alongside creative teams, aiding them in their efforts to make the best possible film.

Topline rating and recommendation scores are collected, but emphasis is given to qualitative findings elicited via open-ended questions. A series of focus group discussions supplement these findings, providing the opportunity to fully investigate production issues and explore playability with a film core audience.

For a full scale Post-Production Screening, audiences of up to 400 will be shown the film and, although feedback has a greater quantitative thrust, standard industry measures are supplemented by open-ended questions. Again, focus groups fully investigate production issues.

Results are delivered in 2-3 working days after an Intimate Test Screening, and 3-4 days after a Full Scale Test - although where time dictates, we are happy to deliver a more summary-style report sooner.

We are also able to talk clients through key scores the morning after a screening, which can be particularly useful if crucial editing or marketing decisions are being made ahead of the final report being ready.

Post Production Test Screenings